We are a Melbourne based pop-up ice cream, dessert and catering company that specializes in made to order liquid nitrogen ice cream. We attend various large scale events such as Royal Melbourne Show, White Night and South Melbourne Night market to name a few. We also offer a more private experience by delivering straight to your event from large-scale events such as weddings to kid’s birthday parties. 196below handcraft unique flavors that are theatrically made right before your eyes, giving you the ultimate ice cream experience which you will be coming back for more.

Artisan Flavors and Toppings

At 196below our aim is to bring you high quality, freshly made ice cream, packed with flavor with every bite and homemade toppings that transform your ice cream to a complete dessert experience. We have our signature flavors that keep our customers coming back for more. We also have exclusive flavors that rotate depending on event theme We rotate our flavors regularly, so be on the look out for them
We will even create custom ice-cream flavors and toppings just for your special event. Get in touch here. text

Keeping it fresh
As ice cream evolved you no longer need to choose a pre-made flavor from a frozen container. At 196below, we transform natural and locally sourced ingredients into creative, delicious scoops of ice cream before your very eyes. Watch as your hand-selected flavors are instantly made to order where each serving will provide the freshest and smoothest ice-cream humanly possible. We use only the freshest eggs, milk, cream and sugar to form our base. Our sorbets are vegan and dairy free friendly.

Our Safety Guarantee

Our staff members are specially trained to handle liquid nitrogen – a non-toxic, non-flammable substance which will be completely evaporated by the time it reaches you, leaving behind only the creamiest ice-cream that your palate could’ve tasted. Due to possible cross contamination when supplying you with our ice cream, allergens maybe present. Please consult us before purchasing. text